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Abnormal findings in cerebral palsy

1,Abnormal neonatal reflexes.

2,Stiffness of all muscles with awkward motion.

3,Extention of extremities on vertical suspension of the infant.

4,Scissoring of the lower limbs due to spasm of the adductor muscles of the thigh.

5,In severe cases the back bend backwards like and arch.

6,May have total or partial paralysis.

7,Arrest of neurological and behavioral developement.

8,Swallowing may be difficult in some cases.

9,Drooling of saliva.

10,Mild to severe mental retardations.

11,Abnormal movements are seen in some cases.

12,Tremors with typical movements.

13,If cerebellum is affected there will be loss of muscle tone with difficulty in walking.

14,Complete or partial loss of hearing.

15,Speech may be affected.

16,Squint and other visual problems may be associated.

17,Convulsions may be seen in some children.

Cerebral palsy is diagnosed by detailed clinical examination and by eliminating other similar diseases like brain tumour, progressive atrophy ect.All investigations like CT scan,MRI and routine investigations are needed to ruleout other diseases.

Management of carebral palsy:--

General management:

This includes proper nutrition and personal care. Symptomatic medicines are needed to reduce convulsions and muscle stiffness. Diazepam can reduce spasticity and athetosis.

Dantrolene sodium helps to relax skeletal muscles.


Here massage,exercise, hydrotherapy and ect are needed.Special training is given to train walking,swallowing and talking.The affected children are also trained to hold articles for routine activities.


Moral and social support should be given to these children.They should be send to special schools where special training can be given by trained staff.Mentally retarded children need special training.Depending up on the disabitity special instruments and machines are given for locomotion and to assist their daytoday activities.

Occupational therapy:

This is given by occupational therapists.They train the disabled people to do some suitable works so that these people can have their own income.

Natural Cures For Wet Dreams, Sperm Ejaculation During Sleep

No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules are the best natural cures for wet dreams or sperm ejaculation during sleep. These supplements help in in stopping nocturnal emissions.

There are several natural cures for wet dreams. Men usually start getting wet dreams during their teenage. For some it continues through their middle age. There are hundreds of home remedies to stop sperm ejaculation during sleep. But, these remedies do not provide a permanent solution to the problem. They rather help in stopping the problem for a short period of time. Taking prescribed supplements like Maha Rasayan and No Fall capsules help a lot in stopping nocturnal emissions once for all. These capsules contain the natural ingredients used in most of the home remedies along with other powerful herbs to provide immediate cure. The most common home remedy suggested is the sage tea. Here is a list of some of the less used natural cures for wet dreams.

1. Indian gooseberry consumed raw or in the form of jam or jelly is very useful in preventing sperm ejaculation during sleep.

2. Eating two or three garlic buds with water before going to bed controls the problem. Garlic controls cholesterol effectively. This remedy is often suggested for people who face sperm ejaculation during sleep because of diabetes or overweight.

3. Adding few strands of pure saffron and a handful of crushed almonds to milk and consuming the mixture helps in improving the sperm count drastically, putting an end to the nocturnal emissions problem.

4. Remedies like keeping the body cool by taking head massages, eating fruits rich in iron like dates and pomegranate also helps. Bottle gourd is one common food used to make up for the weakness after sperm ejaculation during sleep.

5. Other natural cures for wet dreams include taking pure organic yogurt on a regular basis, using more fenugreek, coriander and honey in the food. These foods are very rich in vitamin, C and B12 which helps in improving the sexual health.

Sea foods are generally considered as natural cures for wet dreams. But, it might cause various forms of allergies to many. Taking a relaxing bath with scented oils like chamomile, listening to music or praying before sleeping, all help in controlling nocturnal emissions. But, these habits are intended on releasing stress and providing short term cure. The real cure lies in making the body strong from the inside. Maha Rasayan and No Fall capsules do this magic. They contain all the vitamins necessary to energize the body and prevent semen leakage mixed in the right proportion.

Maha Rasayan and No Fall capsules were created with the sole aim of revitalizing the body weakened with constant sperm ejaculation during sleep. They are considered as one of the best natural cures for wet dreams in men by most physicians. Their ingredient list shows it is made up of selected herbs which play an important part in increasing the potency of men making them immune to semen leakage at the slightest stimulations. The capsules should be used over a period of 3 to 4 months to see good result. They repair the damage done by the practice and make sure the body is nourished enough not to start acting involuntarily again.

Natural Libido Enhancement Remedies To Restore Sex Drive In Females

Women can lose their fire towards lovemaking at a certain point of their life due to one reason or another. But, they can come out of the same with natural remedies like Lady Fire capsules.

How to restore sex drive is the question most women have in their minds. But, the problem with women is that they are hesitant to talk about the lack of lovemaking desire with others. So, they mourn within themselves. The relieving thing is that without talking about this to anybody and without seeking medical helps and without facing embarrassing questions, women can rev up their love life. Yes, they can rely on natural libido enhancement remedies called as Lady Fire capsules to relieve out of the problem with ease.

Non-prescription remedy: As mentioned earlier, women need not have to ask how to restore sex drive to anyone anymore. They can conveniently place an order for Lady Fire capsule that is a non-prescription remedy over the web and can get the same delivered to their doorsteps. The effective natural ingredients in these capsules will address all the underlying factors contributing towards low libido in women, such that women can get the right level of interest towards lovemaking.

About Lady Fire capsules: These are natural libido enhancement remedies made out of effective herbal ingredients with aphrodisiac and stress-relieving properties. Stress is stated to be the major cause for low libido in women. For instance, when they have a lot of work to be completed within a stipulated time, they will not get interest towards lovemaking naturally. Some other factors leading towards low libido in women will also be addressed by the effective ingredients in these capsules.

Ingredients: Lady Fire capsules help to restore sex drive in women because of its ingredients and let us get into the list of ingredients and their role in these capsules:

1. Shilajit is a naturally occurring mineral and it is known to bring excellent improvement in lovemaking desire both in men and women. It will help with detoxification and will improve strength and stamina.

2. Ashwagandha will help with stress relief and it will also improve immunity.

3. Shatavari is stated to be an herb that is effective in improving the reproductive health in women. This feature of this herb made it the part of natural libido enhancement remedies.

4. Nagbala is a natural aphrodisiac herb and it is also known for its rejuvenating effects. So, to restore sex drive, this ingredient is added to Lady Fire capsules.

5. Vidarikand is known for its rejuvenating properties and it is known to be a tonic for improving reproductive system health. It can address urinary disorders.

6. Bang bhasma can address the general weakness, which is stated to be one of the important reasons for low libido in women.

7. Lauh Bhasma is a form of iron and so it can address anemia, which is stated to be the factor for low libido in some women.

There are other ingredients like kali musli, safed musli, ras sindhoor bhasma and Ramayphal in Lady Fire capsules to improve desire towards lovemaking in women.

Neuromuscular disorder

It is a non progressive neuromuscular disorder causing mild to severe disabilities throughout life.This condition is manifested as a group of persisting qualitative motor disorders which appear in young children due to damage to the brain during delivery or due to some pathological conditions in the intrauterine life.The neuroligical problems are multiple but non progressive in nature.Approximately 2 per 100 live birth is having this problem.This disease is having no hereditary tendency.

Causes of cerebral palsy:

1) Injury to the brain during delivery.

2) As a complication of forceps delivery.

3) Lack of oxygen supply to the baby during delivery.

4) Infections during delivery.

Signs and symptoms of cerebral palsy:--

The signs and symptoms may not be similar in all babies affected.Depending upon the damage to the brain there may be mild to severe lesions.

Mild cases:- 20% children will have mild disability.

Moderate cases:-50% cases are having moderate disability.The affected children require self help for assisting their impaired ambulation capacity.

Severe cases:-About 30% of the affected children are totally incapacited and bedridden and they allways need care from others.